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Current Times – Workification of Computer Games

The stack of games is constantly growing, but there is no time, to play or even install them. Playing feels not like fun anymore. It is more like a never ending to-do list, one just wants to finish. Streaming platforms like twitch are to some extend so popular, because some people prefer more to watch others play then doing it by theirselves. So if computer games nowadays feel like work, why not consider them as such?


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Rec All – A puzzling universe of (multitouch) creatures

Project by ECAL/Romain Cazier Tutors: Alain Bellet, Cyril Diagne, Gael Hugo, Christophe Guignard, Vincent Jacquier Assistants : Matthieu Minguet, Laura Perrenoud, Tibor Udvari ECAL / University of Art and Design, Lausanne Switzerland Bachelor Media & Interaction Design Music by William Binta + This project is a personal interpretation of the geometrical puzzle game, widely popular on mobile. Taking some of this genre's features, I also wanted t...

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Deltu by Alexia Léchot – iPad as a ‘mirror interface’ between humans and robots

Created by Alexia Léchot at ECAL, Deltu is a delta robot with a personality that interacts with humans using two iPads. Created using arm technology normally found in 3d printers, Deltu uses three different applications on the iPad Alexia built for it, using symmetry as an interpretation, a mirror and a reflexion of our own image.

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Perception, Data Collection and Memory – Ishac Bertran

by Ishac Bertran

The ERD modular eurorack series, from the creator of the Black Death and Dark Interpreter noise synth devices,aims to infect and contaminate the world of Eurorack with a radical, new artistic sensibility.

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The New Velocity – The faulty consistency of cartography

The New Velocity by Luiz Zanotello

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Jller – Industrial automation and historical geology

Jller Industrial automation and historical geology

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Definitions – Computational poetry using MIT’s ConceptNet

"person" at the start, "money" at the end

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The Architecture of Radio – Visualizing the invisible architecture of networks