The stack of games is constantly growing, but there is no time, to play or even install them. Playing feels not like fun anymore. It is more like a never ending to-do list, one just wants to finish. Streaming platforms like twitch are to some extend so popular, because some people prefer more to watch others play then doing it by theirselves. So if computer games nowadays feel like work, why not consider them as such?

Games are fun and many people like computer games, so why not impress your friends with a computer game you created yourself! This article will tell you how to. Open Microsoft PowerPoint

FINE COLLECTION OF CURIOUS SOUND OBJECTS by Georg Reil. The arrangement includes six exceptional exhibits from the world of sounds and acoustics. At first sight looking trivial, each object incorporates a very unique ability.

The ERD modular eurorack series, from the creator of the Black Death and Dark Interpreter noise synth devices,aims to infect and contaminate the world of Eurorack with a radical, new artistic sensibility.

Daqri Smart Helmet - El casco contiene un procesador Intel Core m7 y sofisticada tecnología sensorial, además de algunas cámaras que, en conjunto, capturan vistas de 360 grados.

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