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Everytime a teacher asked for "strong boys" I still raised my hand. I've also been chosen to show a proper push up to my classmates in middle school.

Idk how many times teachers asked for "strong " boys to carry stuff for them bitch I would be delighted to carry something for you I am not some weak newborn child

Dining room with herringbone parquet floor and painted wall panelling

Paint it black?

Swedish country house dining room, black lower wood panels and light gray upper. I love how this looks nice&comfortable instead of cold and stark, like it could with these colors.

YES HD: let's do a hunger games version where the people chose their favorite characters and we duke to the death TF: No. Because we know who'll win. And then there are way to many dead bodies. HD: No fair.

This would be awesome! But no musical, just a daily life of the Weasleys at the Burrow, yes?

Plus we get boners in horrible times, like the middle of a presentation in front of the class

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