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whew! where can I get one of these! haha

That looks sick

Funny pictures about Metal Dragon Sculpture. Oh, and cool pics about Metal Dragon Sculpture. Also, Metal Dragon Sculpture photos.

Firnen by EloiseS16 on DeviantArt

Eragon was full of wonder and amazement when he saw Arya, his elven friend, fly through the air on Fírnen, the first new dragon since Sapphira was born. Fírnen is the third dragon in Alagaesia so it's understandable why Eragon is facsinated.

Another dragon for . Well, that was a kind of interesting experiment. I've started this one around 2006 (or it was 2008? I don't remember ), and it got stuck on the pile of unfinished. From time to...

Chock a block a box of dragon heads. Quick pen sketches, all done yesterday. Some are based on ideas I wanted to try, others are inspired by other artists, (there's a fell beast based on John Howe .