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You can use ingredients like lemon juice, milk and baking soda to make your own invisible ink.

Invisible ink ideas - grape juice & baking soda, milk and a lightbulb, lemon juice.

How To Treat Your Back Acne Problems At Home

Body acne is mostly caused due to ill hygiene. However, this is not the only reason for getting body acne.

Lemon juice: This is among the quickest and most effective acne scars home remedies. Fresh lemon juice is squeezed into a container. Using a cotton ball, you can then apply it directly on the affected area. This is then washed off after a while with water. The lemon juice helps to remove acne scars and spots by lightening them. For the best and quick results you can apply the juice twice daily.

Olive oil: Olive oil improves the appearance of acne scars. It is applied by massaging it on the skin. It helps by moisturizing and softening the texture of the skin hence reducing acne scar visibility.

9 Secret Weapons of the Country's Best Bartenders

The 9 Secret Weapons of the Country's Best Bartenders