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Skater boy

i need a picture of my baby on my boyfriends skateboard or longboard.

Maybe it's not so achievable in my room, but still it's really cool

Kids room or sleepover room 😻

Really want to create a cool music wall like this in my outdoor area

Fab Recycled Musical Play Panel idea (",) or summer fun for the musically inclined child. Looks so fun

Try a new spin on painting and get the paper dirty ... literally. Here's how to Make Mud Paint. My kids would love this!!!! A LOT! The messier, the better :) -Nikki-

This Mud Activity is Mom-Approved

I hope this post will get you itching to try some sand art with your children. This has got to be my all time favourite activity so far! Rangoli inspired sand art was such a great avenue to explore transitory and collaborative art and for the children to experiment and develop confidence in their own artistic abilities. Take a peek...I think you'll love, love, love!

Rangoli Inspired Sand Art

Rockets - 6 simple fun experiments that let even small children explore the forces that launch rockets

How to make rockets fly

Dismantle an old xylophone and re-hang the keys somewhere on your music wall outside. Viola - instant music!

music center in backyard There are tons of zylophones at yardsales! I can disassemble one for the yard! This is a great idea for the back fence

Determined that my child's geography will be better than mine!

8 Ways to Decorate with Maps & Globes

Jelly boats. Made these for my son's last birthday and plan to every year I can get away with them!

Pirate jelly boats for a party

Bedroom, Colorful and Amazing Bedrooms for Kids: Unique Bunk Beds With Ocean And Ship Style

This fantastical house boasts fun surprises for kids and adults alike: a floating pirate ship bedroom, a hidden slide to the basement, a climbing wall, and video golf room.