"The Loki wig is on."

Coming to you from a dressing room on the set of Thor 3 in Australia, is megastar Tom Hiddleston.

Loki gif. SEE!!! He's possessed as well. Ugh. When he cries as he has to stab his brother...

Unf tom hiddleston loki avengers i made this! sweet pain oh shit guys look what topaz did to his eyes by accident i had to leave that in the sweet sweet glow of pain :q aikainkauna

Loki Thor: Ragnarok

A behind the scenes look at the filming of Thor 3 Ragnarok. Featuring Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki.


“ lokihiddleston: “ It’s like, Loki, dressed with clothes of Midgard walking in street. ” I love Loki in a hoodie and some jeans.