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Email Marketing - Are you sending your email campaigns at the best time? | Pinfields Marketing

From the launch and consistently throughout the process of setting up my business I will trying to compile a customer mailing database to create a mailing list to be able to keep my customers up to date with what is new with the business and try and involve them throughout the business.

What to Send to Your Email List

You've got the subscribers. Now what? Keep a healthy email list by providing your subscribers with valuable content. Here are four things you can send!

10 Ways to (Not) Suck at Email Marketing

How (NOT) to suck at email marketing: learn how to build your email list and send amazing newsletters that your subscribers LOVE to open.

Why You Should Really Start Building an Email List

Why You Should Start Building an Email List. | Keep hearing that you should build an email list/start a newsletter, but don't know why? We're giving you the lowdown about why email lists are the BEST.

16 Badass Strategies for Growing Your Email List (plus a free checklist and 3 bonus hacks)

16 Badass Strategies for Growing Your Email List (plus a free checklist and 3 bonus hacks) — FEMTREPRENEUR

How to Design Emails That Always WOW Readers

While nonprofit marketers spend a lot of time crafting great email content, it is just as important to give thought to those email’s designs. Here are 6 design tips to help you craft great looking emails that wow readers.

Are You Overthinking Your Email Campaigns?

Email marketing. The sound or thought of that topic may not sound as appealing or exciting as sharing photos on Instagram or posting 140 characters to Twitter,