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Um anjo do céu que trouxe pra mim... é a mais bonita, a rosa perfeita, que é pra eu cuidar, é pra eu amar, joia cristalina, tem toda a inocência...

Nobody will ever understand me. What is sad is when you said it had been two years. Not until your birthday because we were still together on mine. Hmm make me wonder how long you and Charlie have been together. Seeing as how he said you had a boyfriend when he met you? Hmm... Strange. I never deserved that. I'm sorry I was an asshole but I didn't deserve that.

Vintage Wrigley's Chewing Gum ad from 1954: "Freshen your taste! Chew Wrigley's." ... "Helps brighten teeth - sweetens breath. Aids your digestion. Enjoy chewing daily. Keep a packet handy. Refreshing - Delicious!"