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FC Hayes Grier) "Hey I'm Hayes, I'm 17 and single. I'm the youngest out of my siblings, my older brother Nash and my two older sisters Madison and Taylor. I play football and I'm pretty good at it" I chuckle "come introduce yourself?

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Is it bad that I watched the vid that included these lines  it was an interview lol

Idk if that was just plain cheesy or adorable Shawn: Adorable Me: Haha ya it was

I volunteer!   ~Yass!~#LuvHayesGrier!   Big fan so cute and has the looks that could make you weak in the knees!~

Hayes Grier I would LOVE to be your Valentine! (Just make sure Shawn doesn't know 😏😏)

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Instagram Post by Shawn's Best Friend (@sinceaug81998)


Nash) "Hayes thinks I'm annoying" I chuckle "he said I only talk about Scarlet, well sorry I have an amazing girlfriend and you're lonely" I laugh

I love him

ladies and gentlemen. i present to you the worlds most perfect human being! After his brother of course 😉

Let me get this straight... -WTF is straight?? #tw #sterek #scisaac// tbh scisaac is my guilty pleasure I LOVE scott and allison but like scott and isaac are so cute too :c

I don't ship Stiles and Derek personally but I do ship Issac and Scoot and this is funny so I pin it 😋 - Juju