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Make pom pom chicks for Easter in under ten minutes! Great craft for kids to help with!

Pom Pom Chicks For Easter

Make pom pom chicks for Easter in under ten minutes! Great craft for kids to help with! Also to help kids learn how chicks are born and teaches them responsibility in taking care of something tangible

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Tjalf Sparnaay, pintura de comida hiperrealista

Incredible Hyperrealistic Food Paintings by Dutch Artist Tjalf Sparnaay www.

I believe this is the color and style we should base the fonts and covers around. Swap the orange with maroon and blue with silver and it looks like one of our older year books. Plus I like the straight line design seen alot in the 70's

Design Flashback: The Colors of the 70s

1976 - fantastic vintage design with a great color palette and fitting typography

Soda Stream.  Tasted bogging but the novelty of making it never wore off!

Spend 3 days trying to find a boots that sells refill gas, then spray water all up the walls, to get a coke that tastes like it's been served in an old pub - gotta love the

ADORABLE 80's party invite idea!! (intricate simplicities) Replicate to stag and doe tickets.

A funky way of inspiring the e-vites sent out to guests. Incorporates bright colours and cassette tapes to show guests the theme before attending.