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Thelma Todd

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Thelma Todd

Thelma Todd, 1930s.in  the winter time a fur hat,russian style is very hollywood glam

Thelma Todd, 1930s (read about her here)

Thelma Todd 1932 publicity photo for the movie "Speak Easily"-A combination of beauty, brains, talent and humor. She was a rarity.

Thelma Todd 1920s

Thelma Todd born as Thelma Alice Todd in Lawrence, Massachusetts on 29 July She died 16 December 1935 in Pacific Palisades, California.

American actress, Thelma Todd, appeared in about 120 films between 1926-1935. Known as "The Ice Cream Blonde", she was an acknowledged comedienne.

Todays hair and make up inspiration from Thelma Alice Todd (July 1906 – December whos life was tragically cut short.

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Thelma Alice Todd was an American actress. Appearing in about 120 pictures between 1926 and she is best remembered for her comedic roles in films such as Marx Brothers' Monkey Business and Horse

1931 photo of actress Thelma Todd. She died of carbon monoxide poisoning in 1935 at the age of 29; many believed she was the victim of foul play.

1931 photo of actress Thelma Todd. She died at age 29 of carbon monoxide poisoning in many believed she was the victim of foul play.

Stunning portrait late 1920s of Thelma Todd, by Harold Dean Carsey

Still a mystery today - The death of Thelma Todd, silver screen actress. On the morning of Monday, December Thelma Todd was found dead in her .

Thelma Todd--Though her death was legally ruled a suicide, most believe her tragically murdered by her mobster boyfriend.

Thelma Todd was 29 years old when she was found lifeless in her car outside her beach-front house on a December morning in 1935 there were immediate suspicions she had been murdered by gangsters with designs on her club.