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Potty Time? Potty Training Tips from a Mom of four.  I like to read all potty training ideas!

Tried and true potty training tricks, Cheerios in the potty for target practice for boys works wonders. Food colouring for girls to change the colour!

What you didn't know about potty training! hilarious!

What you didn't know about Potty Training is about the things that the books and people don't tell you about until you are in that situation! A Moms view!

potty training - broken into 6 steps, takes 1 dedicated week

How to Potty Train a Child

Minus the potty chair.How to Potty Train a Child in 7 Days. Recommended child is months old. The best explanation/ timeline I have seen. Time to get started!

Potty Training Incentives. Fill bag or box with little prizes for your child to pick from each time they go to the bathroom. Great reward!

Embellish: {free printable} Potty Training Chart & Prize Tag yowl key doing this to try to get Logan to poop in the potty!

OK, progress -- your little boy has taken a liking to standing on a stool and making the magic happen! One big problem: He shoots, he aims, he doesn't score, and you're constantly cleaning up his mishaps. Turning a task into a game is an alluring way to amp up potty practices! This is the fun part, says Singer: "Cereal, such as bright Froot Loops, or Tinkle Targets are engaging ways to teach your son how to aim while peeing standing up."

Potty Training Tips for Boys

20 Best-Ever Potty Tips from Parents: Many different ideas - Shows that each family needs to do what works best for their own child. Love it!-- For Peyton

Potty training in three days (18 months & up ) Your Modern Family

Potty training in three days (18 months & up