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Stephen Colbert and his respect and admiration for all women

Here are the the most magical things JK Rowling has ever done

I want to say this is inspirational but while I sit/awkwardly balance here, barely able to put pressure on one hip/arse cheek and struggling to stay awake I think of all the pressure, anxiety and lies I have been put through only to be let down and denied help at every opportunity and I'm not sure this is what the country is anymore!!

Renouncing feminism is a woman's right - I just don't think they realise how lucky they are to live in a world where they are free to voice that when there are countries like Saudi Arabia where women were only permitted to vote last year

It's kind of degrading how Americans think of us. I've been to Varanasi on vacation which is loaded with tourists and we basically treat them like gods and fall over ourselves to help or guide them.

Wtf? I can't believe people actually think like this.


Wtf? I can't believe people actually think like this.

If Faux News thinks that a Muslim can't write a book about Christianity, would they agree that men can't write legislation about women?

. | Raddest Men's Fashion Looks On The Internet:

Stephen Colbert Shares Why He Thinks Women Should Be in Charge of Everything

Stephen Colbert on women - Glamour

Beautiful jackets by Bella Sisters!

"If Thor is a woman, what's next? Woman doctors? Woman lawyers? Woman mothers? Where does it end?"