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Cell in Jerome, AZ, an old ghost town. There was a landslide and the jail slid down the mountain and the walls cracked around it, but you can still see inside.

Browne's Hospital is an old almshouse built by Wiiliam Browne, wealthy wool merchant of the town. This spooky staircase had me scared stiff as a child! The wind would howl eerily under the door at the top! The cloister gardens are a must-see!

I explore the old school with the others, looking for a safe place to hide. You couldn't stay in one place for more than a day during the apocalypse. Either the zombies would find you or some lunatic who's willing to do anything to survive would. (Open rp)

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30 Fascinating Abandoned Buildings

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Manhattan Psychiatric Center

Old mental hospital Psychotherapy, reminds me of Dale Marshall and his exhibition that I went to see and the Herbert in Coventry