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Some 15 miles away, 216 acres of D.C. history is quietly rotting away.

Cell in Jerome, AZ, an old ghost town. There was a landslide and the jail slid down the mountain and the walls cracked around it, but you can still see inside.

Bathrooms: The taste of Petrol and Porcelain | Interior design, Vintage Sets and Unique Pieces Greg Irvine's bathroom

Browne's Hospital is an old almshouse built by Wiiliam Browne, wealthy wool merchant of the town. This spooky staircase had me scared stiff as a child! The wind would howl eerily under the door at the top! The cloister gardens are a must-see!

Would it not be fun and insteresting if Mitch/Cedric trashed some place out of spite/fun? The little bratt.... Mitch: "Little brat? If you think you're gonna get somewhere calling me short you're not! Because seriously, if I was the child of a midget and a leprechaun I would still be taller than your intellect." Me: "Nice one Mitch, but your creative insult skills still need a little help."