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Ideas for Easter egg games, including Easter egg hunt games, spoon race games, bowling, and more. Lots of fun Easter activities for kids!

30 Adorable Easter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

1. Tightly cover a small bowl with plastic wrap, then flip the bowl upside down on wax paper. In another container, mix equal parts water and clear glue. 2. Dip handfuls of shredded paper into the glue mixture, then immediately lay them on the bowl until it’s covered. 3. Lightly press dry paper strips along the outside to create a “nesty” look

Bowling & Knock Down Fun Activity

It can be tricky to think of activities that are just right for babies. You need things that are fun, easy for you to put together and everything of course needs to be safe for your baby to explore.

20 ideas for a Fabulous Outer Space Party

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Idea: Have kids scratch up the styrofoam. These are the scars that have been left, the pepper that have hurt us. Apply paint with brayer. Stamp on paper. Scars are there, but we can still create and be beautiful things.