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Oxygen Cloud is another player in the mobile access to files category with some cool value-adds. Integration with EMC Atmos, Isilon, VNX - can edit from mobile platforms (depending on type / apps), synchronization as you'd expect, and . . . on-premises AD/LDAP integration (sweet). Centralized management for policies - good enterprise tool that is worth checking out.


Tigertext is a secure messaging platform allowing a healthcare system to implement HIPAA compliant text messaging. If you worry that your doctors are texting one another and including PHI, this is a great product for you. Also very useful for corporations worries about SOX compliance. Definitely worth looking into as part of your provider to provider collaboration methodology. Thanks cloud-startups-to-watch-2012, i love your pin :)

Metamarkets - you have massive amounts of event-based data. Analyzing and understanding these data streams can increase revenue and improve user engagement, but only if you have the highly skilled data scientists necessary to turn data into useful information. Democratize data science by delivering powerful analytics that are easy and intuitive for everyone. Metamarkets is also a platform, and seems to merge real time analytics capabilities - definitely keep an eye on this company.

Parse is a complete backend platform for your iOS and Android applications

Keep track of all your healthcare expenses for free.

mHealthCoach™ is not technically a startup, but has a product that falls into the category of new and exciting: Flornce! We often talk about wellness management, it's particularly important in the ACO future for healthcare. Flornce is a "coach" that helps with adherence and action plans. Standard guidelines incorporated so the physician can get a note or the patient can get a reminder. In addition there are social media aspects to help cope with diseases through gamified applications. is a real-time social feed without the ads. "We're building a real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers. (...) We believe that advertising-supported social services are so consistently and inextricably at odds with the interests of users and developers that something must be done.

DataStax has a big data platform built on Apache Cssandra with analytics and search capability. (Infrastructure, Applications)

Framehawk - I've been noticing as I interview developers lately that the young-bloods consider HTML5 something of an archaic form of application delivery. Really? Well, yes, native mobile apps deliver a better user experience and cover your business use cases even more thoroughly than BPM tools in some cases. Enter Framewhawk, a tool to bring your apps to many mobile platforms swiftly. Fast time to market, data-leak resistant, LAN-like performance, lower DevOps costs, BYOD enabler…


Explorys provides a secure software platform that allows healthcare systems to aggregate, analyze, manage, and research their BIG DATA to provide better patient care in a rapidly changing healthcare market. Explorys was founded in 2009 as an innovation spinoff from the Cleveland Clinic. Recruiting: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering