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Five Rock Climbing Books Every Climber Should Read - ClimbingThings.com

5 Books Every Climber Should Read Rock climbing is a sport which is best learned in the field, or the rock face as it were. No amount of reading will ever compare to actually conquering the rock,

Bouldering Grades: The Complete Guide | 99Boulders

Bouldering Grades: The Complete Guide

The complete guide to bouldering training (yes, really). This beautifully designed guide covers hangboarding, on-the-wall workouts, and more.

How to improve your rock climbing technique in 5 easy steps. - ClimbingThings.com

Leg Strength Training For Rock Climbing Footwork is easily the most important aspect of improving a climbers technique and having strong legs is absolutely crucial to converting

Wallcrawling/ Surface Scaling/ Wall Adhesion/Clinging/Walking: The power to fasten onto and climb vertical and horizontal surfaces without falling.

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The knots are essential knowledge #climbing

The Seven Need-to-Know Climbing Knots

There are dozens of knots that might be worth learning as a climber. But for the most part, you can get up and down any climb on Earth with just these sevan basic knots, including the Girth Hitch, the Munter Hitch, and the Double Fisherman's Knot.


Welp, I can feel the time management thing setting in already. (Just spent several hours watching climbing videos instead of working on my thesis. x_x) Also, that last bit could mean so many things, good and bad.