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New York Faces Rising Seas and Slow City Action

Posakei Pongap, a Manus islander, in front of a field ruined by salinization. Photo courtesy Conversations with the Earth/Nicolas Villaume.

Snowbound Residents Improvise Their Escape

Intense storms that keep people from getting health care are one health cost of climate change. Photo: Snowbound Residents Improvise Their Escape -

A carbon tax can reduce asthma, as well as corporate taxes. Tiny particles of soot, often released with CO2 by coal-fired power plants, are one of the most toxic forms of air pollution.

The pictures on the National Wildlife Foundation's Eco-Schools Climate Classroom Kids curriculum site were taken by wildlife photographer Howard Ruby

RIP Gary Braasch, visual chronicler of climate change, who died while snorkling at the Great Barrier Reef on March 7, 2016.

Gary Braasch is a world caliber environmental photojournalist who creates remarkable images and documentation about nature, environment, biodiversity and global warming.