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J. Charles and The Trainrobbers Debut Album Project! by Chelsea Callahan, via Kickstarter.

Joan Baez playing guitar on the beach before her set at the Newport Folk Festival in 1959

“Fuck everybody who thinks I should suppress my identity. No!  I’m gonna go off. It’s time for the world to look at one another not as a black race or a white race but as a human race.” via StyleLikeU The gorgeous ladies of StyleLikeU know whats up...

I don’t know what it is exactly but there’s something so mesmerising about a female drummer. I wish I could play. Having a little brother who is a grade eight drummer makes my lack of rhythm even more...

Patty Smith. I saw her perform dressed like this at the Silver Dollar Saloon in East Lansing, MI back in 1976. STYLE ALLURE ATTITUDE: Photo