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Sherlock Holmes classified himself in many ways. Consulting detective… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Why do we hide away our pain behind closed doors and downcast eyes?


The Sherlock actor wrote a letter recently to the family of Eve Shepherd, who passed away unexpectedly on February from breathing difficulties.

Left half of face: disdain. Right half: sadness. (Our left/right, not his)

Left half of face: disdain. Right half: sadness. (Our left/right, not his)

Sherlock smile :)

High functioning sociopath, with your number *super creepy don't touch my Jawn or Mary smile*

oh benedict! you make me laugh

Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch - funny! I prefer the otter.


martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch andrew scott rupert graves not my pics young actors british men yum


'every time i watch reichenbach i replay the jim/sherlock scene like 5 times before moving on. so brilliant on so many mind-blowing levels' -- maybe not 5 times, but I did that, too

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Oh my God, Sherlock reacted exactly as the fandom predicted! "Oh, we'll have to get rid of that." XD

I'm so glad that mustache is gone and The Empty Hearse was so good! I really need a shirt now that says I Don't Shave for Sherlock Holmes

Oh will they ever get Benedict's name right? Hehehehe

I read this in the Post and laughed out loud: Bandersnatch Cummerbund!

TOTALLY HAD YOU (gifset) - It was so perfect on so many levels and I have got rewatch it at least a million more times before E2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally had you. hahah as cruel as Sherlock was in this. you can see how he and John have such a close relationship, I loved it.Sherlock giggles are always enjoyable :)