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Animal Crossing Fan Art : Photo

Animal Crossing Fan Art : Photo

5ab6feca09f8a7dafedd91d964087247.jpg 512×3,724 pixels

5ab6feca09f8a7dafedd91d964087247.jpg 512×3,724 pixels

Freundschaft~ ♥

Animal Crossing: New Leaf--wow, I really like the style that they're

acnl pekoe

jibblycrossing: ♥ Pekoe ♥ She’s one of my favorite villagers in my town and I wanted experimented more with brushes with tones. I still hav.

Speaking of rude villagers, I have a villager who popped their house where i definantly didnt wany any houses at. D: In the middle of my perfect Apple trees.  D:<

If they're cute, it's okay if they ruin your paths, orchards, gardens, town…

I hate it when they go back there! I can only swim so fast! D:

i make a funny joke about game mechanics i am comedy gold genius never ben done before ACNL - Diving comic