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Victoria-Transvaal Diamond Necklace: Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C. carats Look for flashes of color in the 116 facets of this pear-shaped, champagne-colored diamond. Cut from a crystal, it is suspended from a chain of 108 diamo

Mouawad's record-breaking L'Incomparable diamond necklace: a 407.48 carat, internally flawless natural fancy deep yellow diamond set among 637 carats of diamonds, including 90 exceptional white diamonds in a variety of cuts and carat weights.Via Diamonds in the Library.

L’Incomparable - the world’s most expensive necklace at $55 million

L’Incomparable, the world’s most expensive necklace : A rose gold necklace with a 407 carat yellow diamond.

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces in the World

The statement gem is set on 18k gold. The natural deep-yellow shield step‐cut diamond is the largest internally flawless diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America. It's valued at $55 million.

Guinness World Records has certified the L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace as the most valuable necklace in the world, according to Mouawad. Featuring the Incomparable yellow diamond—a 407.48 ct, suspended beneath 229.52 cts of white diamonds.

The Mouawad Lincomparable Diamond Necklace - I pinned the video because you have to see this thing move!

For Tiffany’s 175th anniversary in 2012, the priceless Tiffany Diamond was reset in a magnificent necklace of white diamonds.The famous yellow Tiffany diamond in its new setting with the 128.54-carat yellow diamond and white diamonds totaling more than 120 carats. Via The Jewellery Editor.