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Ben Drowned; Creepypasta

Read BEN Drowned x Reader from the story Creepypasta Lemons by txcksbae (I am no one) with reads. "I hate you Ben.

I luv creepy pasta eyeless jack is my sempi

They don't even give me nightmares. Creepypasta is good for you!<---Schmew: Slendy is love Slendy is life. jkjk XD I love all creepypastas~ ♡>>>they don't give me nightmares, but they do keep me up at nigh.

I like Dark Link better then Link for some reason even if they are almost the same character

Imagine a game of The Legend of Zelda where Link gets murder by another Link.

water temple/dark Link boss fight fan art from. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

24 hours with BEN drowned

24 hours with BEN drowned

Pastatown 1 by Dethkira.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I was smiling at the start, but that guy at the end (I'm sorry, I know who he is I just can't remember) I burst out laughing!

a59f2ff54e193b41a24b75d5523268ac.jpg (253×788)

Bens rape face looks kawaii. and poor slender XD