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Realistic yet abstract paintings by Eduardo Mata Icaza

ART: Abstract Paintings by Eduardo Mata Icaza Eduardo Mata Icaza mixes realistic, anatomical images of the human body with abstract shapes lines, and movement. Combined with either bleak or highly...

Otherworldly digital portraits by Magdalena Pagowska (Len-yan

Magdalena Pagowska (len-yen) is a Polish illustrator who creates fantastic, otherworldly digital portraits.

Intriguing portraits and photo manipulations by Anemites

By Anemites #bleaq #selfportrait #photography

Kate McDowell's Sculptures (not sure what it's made from)

Januz Miralles

Disguise - AQA Art januz-miralles

Dynamic steel sculptures by Regardt van der Meulen

Regardt van der Meulen – Unravel - 2013 „I used steel and concrete as a medium which are usually associated with the impression of unmoving strength. I sculpted each figure in a way that creates the notion that they are incomplete, melting or being pulled apart, deconstructed by a force either from within or without.” - Regardt van der Meulen

Melancholic paintings and drawings by Mark Demsteader

Study for Siren | Mark Demsteader. Pastel and collage

Gloomy portraits by Slevin Aaron