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Animals in clothing

Animals in clothing

salvador/dali/anteater - Google Search

salvador/dali/anteater - Google Search

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holly gets a new sweater.

Just looking

"any leftovers?" Interesting people keep interesting pets! Keep Portland Weird!

anteater - Google Search

Invisible "will work for food" sign

All the new cool kids have an anteater. How To Take Care Of The Exotic Pet : Anteater 89 rate or flag this page By Krista 07 I have

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Dog in a wolf hat! Dog in a wolf hat! I love huskies want one do badly :(

SOUTHERN TAMANDUA ~ from South America. This animal has an elongated snout and is covered in creamy yellow-brown fur. They grow to lengths of 21 to 35 inches, with tails up to 16". Generally, they weigh between 7 and 19 pounds. Their main defense are their sharp claws.

SOUTHERN TAMANDUA Tamandua tetradactyla ©nagashima Tamandua tetradactyla is found in South America from Venezuela and Trinidad to northern Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay at elevations to