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#Repost @poisonedflower_  #socks #weed #cannabiscommunity #warm #lovemysocks…

#Repost @poisonedflower_ #socks #weed #cannabiscommunity #warm #lovemysocks…

This is so me, love my yoga shorts! Except the socks, let's be honest they'd probably be     popcorn socks lol.

maybe a beggining of spring or beggingin of fall outfit because its kind of in the middle of a fall/winter outfit with the sweatshirt and the black shorts are spring/summer cute outfit though

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New study shows casual pot use connected to brain abnormalities -------------------------------------------------  "The results seem significant enough that casual marijuana users might want to rethink their choices. Northwestern has enough academic detachment from the issue to make its work stand out. And if further studies duplicate this outcome on a larger scale, it will put a very big dent in the “pot is less harmful than alcohol” argument that has helped broaden the legalization…

President Obama was known to be a heavy marijuana smoker in his high school and college days. His nickname was "Barack Oganja"

Hunter Parrish aka Silas Botwin from Weeds... I WILL name my son Silas one day.

Hunter Parrish aka Silas Botwin from Weeds. I WILL name my son Silas one day.

Love The Socks !!

There is 0 tip to buy these socks: rust thigh orange knit knitted fall outfits. Help by posting a tip if you know where to get one of these clothes.