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Raisins contain Oleanolic acid, providing protection against cavities, tooth decay, teeth brittleness, & prevents the growth of bacteria that cause gingivitis. A rich source of calcium, strengthening bone & teeth. Contain polyphenolic phytonutrients that have anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties which have been found to lower fevers by killing bacteria that causes existing infections. #dherbs #dental2000nj

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Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods -

The benefits of calcium are bone health, cancer prevention, weight management, and heart health. Try the Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods to get your daily dose!

chai spice remineralizing toothpaste - The Herbal Spoon

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The Best Sources Of Dairy-Free Calcium (Infographic)

The Best Sources Of Dairy-Free Calcium (Infographic) #SmartHealthTalk Warning: Watch out for calcium supplements. Not all created equal. Some sources not compatible with our bodies. Can collect in arteries, other places should not be. Calcium from food best. Vegan sources excellent as other minerals also present in those foods.

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Oil Pulling For Oral Health

Swish oil in mouth for 15-20 minutes a day on an empty stomach. In the beginning, aim for 1-5 minutes (this is especially important for people who smoke as they may have strong detox reactions). Spit into the garbage, brush your teeth and you are done! Coconut oil is cooling and may best be used in the spring/summer while sesame is warmer and may be best in the fall/winter. Remember to tweak all recommendations to fit your #doshas and imbalances! #Pitta #Vata #kapha #dinacharya…