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Biochemists feed 'poison pill' to deadly virus with a funny name -

There could be a very serious problem with the past 15 years of research into human brain activity, with a new study suggesting that a bug in fMRI software could invalidate the results of some 40,000 papers. That's massive, because functional...

Just yesterday , Earth crossed a major (and very scary) threshold, with scientists announcing that levels of atmospheric CO2 have officially surpassed 400 parts per million, and there’s little hope of them ever returning them to safe levels.

Does Marijuana Make You Stupid?

Marijuana impairs the brain in the short term, but it's less clear whether it lowers IQ over time.

El 18 de diciembre se ha celebrado en nuestro país el Día Nacional de la Esclerosis Múltiple (EM). Esta enfermedad crónica del Sistema Nervioso Central, está presente en todo el mundo y es una de las enfermedades neurológicas más comunes entre la población. Sus síntomas comprenden fatiga, dolor, pérdida del equilibrio, alteraciones visuales y cognitivas, dificultades en el habla y temblor, entre otros.

On epigenetics: we are not just our DNA

Electronic device detects molecules linked to cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's An inexpensive portable biosensor has been developed by researchers at Brazil's National Nanotechnology Laboratory 5/19/16

What if Your Doctor Says You Have Mild Cognitive Impairment? What Is MCI?

Does a diagnosis of MCI mean you're going to get Alzheimer's? Learn how MCI is similar to and different from dementia and normal forgetfulness.