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Cathy McClelland-Artist

Carl Jung associated the raven with our shadow, that part of our psyche that we refuse to see or acknowledge. When we contemplate raven energy, we can tap into the courage to hold all of ourselves in awareness.


I really like the artists use of color. Cosmic Love by Alicechan on DeviantArt

it is ok to say NO to unnecessary CRAZY

DIY Friendship Bracelet

At a certain time in your life, you realize that you are honestly just way too fuckin' old to deal with the high school drama and unnecessary crazy shit some like to surround themselves with! I've reached that time HaHaHa

Dog, Hamster And Birds Are Best Friends

Unlikely Friends Love To Keep Each Other Company

Dog, Hamster And Birds Are Best Friends How could I NOT pin this? I want this dog, that hamster and all those birds just because they love each other.

Teachings of the Sweat Lodge - Aaron Paquette n.d.

Feed Your Spirit Now!

"Teachings of the Sweat Lodge", Aaron Paquette One of my personal favorites. The cross-section perspective, the first of which I saw in Hawaii in the early has intrigued and fascinated me for decades. This artwork exemplifies why.

Simone McLeod (Anishinaabe): Akajigibiishin "An Evening Reflection On The Lake"

An Evening Reflection On The Lake: a story painted by Simone McLeod about a unique friendship found in a place where friendship was impossible.