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J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) [BTS] - Fansigning Mokdong (Junggu Youth center) 150516

Mochi with his Hyung Hoseok bts

É o cúmulo da beleza eles vestidos de social, verdadeiros príncipes ❤Jimin e Hobi❤

I love you guys. All of you

They were supposed to be a hip hop group. But they be a cutie group. And I love how Hobi has the cat arms lol

JUNGKOOK // [ RunBTS ep. 30 ]

I really can’t lie I’m a hoe for this look on him smh

Dois seres perfeitos❤

after so long we finally got a sugakookie selca, what a blessed day

Happy Taehyung Day!!! (Bias of the Day)

BTS V - Anh chàng đẹp không góc chết nhưng mặt xấu lại là thương hiệu.

Suga ☆ porque no me llamas? TTuTT  A espera ...ya se, es porque estas al otro lado del mundo :,c

/me/ hehe not using but imagine someone turning on ur phone and being like whATTT

Look how soft and adorable and cute and lovely and amazing and gorgeous and awesome and perfect he is