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Proto Man (Mega Man 3)

Proto Man (Mega Man <<< Ding dong, you are wrong! Throughout the events of Mega Man he was under the alias of Break Man. He was announced at Proto Man and Blues only during the end credits

Dude, when I was little, Mega Man was the coolest.  He's still pretty awesome.

Excited for new Megaman stuff coming out! This is kind of how I'd draw him if I did a Megaman comic. Yeah I'm a huge megaman nerd.

This piece of artwork started making the rounds in social media the other day, and I felt it was worth a showcase. This awesome picture, representing 25 years of Mega Man heroes and heroines, was done by Japanese artist Kinniku as a promotional image for February's Rock Party convention. Some of you

A Truly Fantastic Mega Man Character Piece

Team Proto Man - Characters & Art - Mega Man Battle Network 5

Mega Man Battle Network 5 art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.