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African American Christians are always waiting on the Lord to do 4 them what they can do for themselves

Elephant in the . . .

"I'm right there in the room, and no one even acknowledges me." - New Yorker Cartoon Poster Print by Leo Cullum at the Condé Nast Collection

Yes!! Ugh, why does my boss always try to make me do math?! That's not what I do here!

A Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

Pokemon Go

Go green and stay safe! Happy St. Patrick's Day to our fellow Trews fans.

Go green and stay safe! Patrick's Day to our fellow Trews fans.

Only a Skeleton Group showed up for the last Skeleton Meeting....Where WAS everybody???....Creepy Photo Plus!

Playing poker with the gang was always fun till Lu started showing up. You think YOU lost YOUR shirt last week in Vegas?

Social Work