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via Variety -- "Disney announces a new Dia de los Muertos-themed toon from Pixar." Well, it's about time they acknowledge the apocalypse.

What's there to consider? If you haven't started preparing, now would be the time to do so. #someecard #zombie #apocalypse

I have this in my kitchen for decoration, I think I will save it until the dead walk the earth, seems like the perfect time to drink it.

Well, there’s one downside to the zombie apocalypse that hadn't crossed our minds.

"The the nite of dec 21st, you & your family attend an ugly xmas sweater themed party. everyone’s yucking it up, drinking egg nog, eating chilli, having a good time. then disaster strikes, just like the mayans predicted. the zombie apocalypse!!! for you & your family to survive, you have no choice, NO CHOICE, but to run w/ just the clothes on your backs… can you see where i’m going w/ this?"


Definitely a must read…

helping your child understand the Zombie Apocalypse

I love you so much that there's almost no chance I'd use you as bait during the zombie apocalypse.