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Disney, Pixar wrangle CinemaCon

via Variety -- "Disney announces a new Dia de los Muertos-themed toon from Pixar." Well, it's about time they acknowledge the apocalypse.

I have this in my kitchen for decoration, I think I will save it until the dead walk the earth, seems like the perfect time to drink it.

I love you so much that there's almost no chance I'd use you as bait during the zombie apocalypse.

Watching 'THE WALKING DEAD' made me realize, I really need to get in shape. If a zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, I'd be eaten.

Zombie Apocalypse?

If you did Cindy today, then hopefully this will make you feel accomplished. Even if you did Mary, just put a "handstand" in front of "push ups." Great work on those classic benchmarks! Don't forget you write your score down to see how much you improve!

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