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Space zipper

Mandel zoom 09 satellite head and shoulder - Insieme di Mandelbrot - Wikipedia


Pi within Pi Drawing - Pi within Pi Fine Art Print

Mathematical paintings and sculptures: Artforms of Nature and fractals...Ernst Haeckel

Fractal Artforms of Nature The nineteen century German biologist Ernst Haeckel

ice cool nature - Google Search

14 amazing fractals found in nature

Fractal ice -- pattern in nature

Birds of Paradise by =Shadoweddancer on deviantART

Rainbow waves fractal--beautiful: Birds of Paradise by =Shadoweddancer on deviantART

Image result for mandelbrot jewelry

Image result for mandelbrot jewelry

Weathered and rusted paint.  These colors just call to me.  There is a richness that comes with age.  You can tell that this piece has a story to tell.  It would be great for the Marrakesh Bracelet.

Don Taylor. gorgeous photos by Taylor.

Fractal  curated by: http://www.jayaprime.com

Fabulous fractal ~ colorful art ~ Space Debris by ~mdichow

Fibonacci also teaches us about how Fractals are formed.

The Fibonacci Rabbit sequence - the Golden String

Mathematicians Claim To Have Discovered ‘The Thumbprint Of God’

The Magic of Fractals - HD Mandelbrot Set Zoom !