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Cute Great Dane puppy.- This is a Harlequin Great Dane. --  Their large size belies their friendly nature, as Great Danes are known for seeking physical affection with their owners.

5 of the most massive dog breeds: Great Danes, Dane Puppies, Animals, Dogs, Pet…

Great Dane dogs and puppies: Black Great Danes

Blue or Black Great Dane Puppy - I have decided his name shall be Merlin

Great Dane dogs and puppies: Great Dane puppies

Great Dane Dog Breed Information

Great Dane dogs and puppies: Great Dane puppies. I love my great danes!

Great Dane puppies...I want them all!!!

Growth Problems In Great Danes

This proud momma and her adorable pup were turned into the shelter today. The owner couldn't take care of such big dogs in his small apartment, and definitely not two big dogs. They are up for adoption, but cannot be seperated. Please make sure that you have space and time for these lovely ladies.

These Dog Moms Cuddling Their Puppies Will Give You All the Mother’s Day Feels

And, maybe, one of these some day...  Great Dane...  Yes, I LOVE big dogs!  I'll always have a Golden, too.  :)

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