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Karadag, Crimea, Ukraine by Irina Afonskaya

Swallows Nest Castle, Ukraine photo via veronica. Wasn't this place in that Bond movie with the submarine and the oil heiress?

Swallow’s Nest Castle - Aurora Cliff, Ukraine. Built 1911-1912 by Russian architect Leonid Sherwood.

Ukraine is another Eastern European nation located near Russia and the Black Sea. It is the second largest in Europe, with broad, rich farm lands, and industrial centers in the east. Some 44.9 million people live in Ukraine, many of those in its capital, Kiev. Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, but has had continued problems keeping it. Russia seized and annexed the autonomous republic Crimea in March 2014, and continues to hold it. Photo credit: Getty via @AOL_Lifestyle Read more…

Ukraine - Swallow's Nest, Yalta on the Crimean peninsula. Facts of Ukraine: Area: sq km. A flat, fertile, forested plain with few natural boundaries. Population: Capital: Kyiv (Kiev). Official language: Ukrainian, but Russian widely spoken. Languages: 42

Ice age in Crimea - ice-bound Chersonese, photo 16 Tauric Chersonese or simply Chersonese is a city founded by the ancient Greeks located in the south-west coast of Crimea. For two thousand years, it was a major political, economic and cultural center of the northern Black Sea area. Today, you can see the remains of Chersonese in the Gagarin district of Sevastopol, it is a historical and archaeological reserve. In 2013, Chersonese was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Overlay for a Wooden Vessel Gold; stamped. 7.1x5.6 cm Scythian culture. First half of the 5th century BC Barrow near Ak-Mechet Bay, Crimea, near Chernomorsk Russia (now Ukraine)

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