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Not sure what this is, but it's cool. :P

Berlin-based artists Marius Watz was commissioned by the Knight Capital Group to visualize the organization's "intraday buy and sell order data." This rainbow-esque piece was the result

52 Of The World's Most Widespread Myths And Misconceptions, Debunked

52 Of The World's Most Widespread Myths And Misconceptions, Debunked

These are just three of the more than fifty rumors debunked in this compendious collection of common myths and misconceptions.

Lessons In Survival From Horror Movies  Infographic

Horror stories provide good lessons for how to survive. This infographic takes a look at what life lessons we can learn through horror movies.

MIT #Computer Software Makes The Internet 3 Times Faster - If you're reading this, you're probably using a version of the transmission control protocol, or TCP, a #system that regulates internet traffic to prevent congestion. It works, and it's getting better all the time. But it was a system made by puny humans--surely our machine-overlords can do better.

Every Day of My Life by Polish artistic programmer / programming artist Marcin Ignac represents his computer usage from the last years.

3d 抽象隧道 — 图库图片 #3788789

3d 抽象隧道 — 图库图片 #3788789

Infographic: What Makes A Film Noir?

Infographic explains “film noir” and finds the most noir film of them all · Great Job, Internet!

illuminatizeitgeist: “ “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.