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Horse ladies

Horse ladies

<3 we need a print of this in the barn, especially since our dogs and our horses are the world to us ;)

Precious wet kiss from Border Collie dog to little foal. Gives me warm fuzzies! Love horses and dogs!

We love cute pictures of cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows, lions, and tigers, and bears… OH MY!

22 Funny Animal Pics for Your Monday

Australian Cattle Dog And Horse -  Love this!

33 Aggressively Adorable Photos To Restore Your Faith In The World

I feel like this should make me sad at how true it is but all I can do is think how comfy a new Toulouse would be,

Afternoon eye candy: Hot cowboys y’all (25 photos)

my two fav things in life a hot man and a horse. even better a hot man with a horse!

The Queensland Heeler, also know as the Australian Cattle Dog.  I love them.

A Australian Cattle Dog is a Red/Blue Heeler. When handled right they are a families best friend. When the breed is kept true to their purpose. They make an awesome hand on the farm, cattle/Horse ranch. Mine do not chase my horses at all.

This is just one of a photo steam of H. zebra   This is the true Hippocampus zebra and not a striped version of a different species. Only found in Australian waters

Zebra seahorse, Hippocampus zebra (not a striped version of a different species) is only found in Australian waters.