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This #SheepskinThrows #deals are Australian imported one in natural white colour also are undyed. It is not trimmed around its edges which gives it a rugged, untamed, Scandinavian look. It is a better deal to bring instant warmth and comfort to colder seating, such as leather. The fleece of such a deal has been sheared down to 25mm and is therefore dense and extremely soft to the touch.

from Apartment Therapy

Instant Cozification: Put a Furry Throw On It

If you're looking to warm up your home for winter, nothing gets the job done faster than draping a fur over a couch or chair. It's a great way to instantly give your home a bit of that cozy-Danish-meadhall vibe. As you'll notice from the inspiration photos, this is an especially popular option for modern pieces that are minimal and elegant, but maybe a little less than completely comfortable. Definitely beats sitting on cold wire mesh all winter long.

from Refinery29

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