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Spidey, lookin pretty dark

Bad ass portraits of Spiderman and Iron Man by Dan Burgess, graphic designer from Manchester ! Des portraits de Spidey et d’Iron Man qui envoient par Dan Burgess, graphiste de Manchester !

Mark Brooks (diablo2003) - Masters of Anatomy

I hope this is more of the Spider-Man we get in the upcoming (MrH) - Spidey - Mark Brooks

Hulk vs Thing

The Hulk vs The Thing. Hulk would win, hands down. He'd turn The Thing into a pile of rocks by the time he was done. And besides SMASH beats CLOBBER every time anyway.

Spider-Teen- found this weeks ago but couldn't re-pin this

Little Red Riding Hood - Spider-Man by Axis *<---i love the fact that he's wearing his spidy suit with a spider man hoodie over it

Spider-man Anniversary edition (Marvel Italia) By Gabriele Dell'Otto