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Your Looks May Suffer People tend to look less attractive and healthy when sleep-deprived (left) than when well-rested (right), a new study shows.

A lack of sleep can cause serious health and performance problems. This includes weight gain.

Infographic: Sleep deprivation is destroying your brain! Not getting the right amount of sleep each night can have serious health risks and leave long-lasting effects on your body and mind. Good news ! Better sleep is a reported benefit with Plexus

Getting enough sleep may be low on the totem pole in our busy modern world, but the health consequences of sleep deprivation are real.

What Happens When You Don't Get Enough Sleep

Maintaining Sobriety: Coping Skills for Staying Sober Throughout a Manic Episode

Sleep deprivation: Bad things that happen if you don’t get enough shut-eye

If you really want to peel off the pounds, ignore these outdated, misguided tips, and slim down the smart way. You can lose pounds in days [attach].

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If You Boil Bananas Before Bed And Drink The Liquid You Will Not Believe What Happens To Your Sleep! sleep nap sleeping health healthy living remedies remedy home remedies healthy lifestyle napping good to know viral

Does Eating Late at Night Really Lead to Weight Gain?

Does Eating Late at Night Really Lead to Weight Gain?

So You Want to Stop… Snacking Late at Night -- Eating late at night has been known to derail even the most motivated and disciplined people out there. Our willpower is weak when we’re hungry, making it tough to resist snacking.

This Is Your Body #Without #Sleep (Infographic)

This Is Your Body Without Sleep (Infographic)

Virtually everyone has experienced the negative effects of a bad night's sleep: grogginess, crankiness, lack of focus and a host of other nasty feelings that hover over your body and mind the entire

Sleep is one of the prerequisites for a person to attain an overall state of health and optimal level of function. However, today’s era is filled with activities that cut people’s number of sleeping hours, leading to negative consequences on their health and well-being. How does sleep deprivation impact the body’s physical and mental state? …

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The Easy Way to Cut Cravings - one idea is sleep deprivation is a biggy (to get enough sleep)

The Easy Way to Cut Cravings


Six Reasons to Sleep Seven Hours -- You might be taking sleep for granted, but a new study from the Experimental Biology 2013 meeting found that enough of it can protect your heart and help your lungs. get better sleep, sleeping tips

Just like a trainer you would need to stick to a scheduled time. Be strict with yourself and don't be late! If you're serious about seeing results you need to follow your plan. If the morning is your set time, check out these tips to stay motivated.

Stick to a Set Time

Sleep deprivation can cause countless health problems, including depleted energy levels. Most people need 7 to 9 hours of shuteye a night but aren’t getting that.

Make sure to get your morning workout done with these tips and secrets from 11 trainers!

Hit the Gym Before Sunrise With These 11 Trainer Tips

6 Things to Help You Get Through the Day When You Got Zero Sleep via @PureWow

6 Things to Help You Get Through the Day When You Got Zero Sleep

6 Things to Help You Get Through the Day When You Got Zero Sleep via @PureWow

6 Things to Help You Get Through the Day When You Got Zero Sleep

Sleep is crucial to weight-loss and wellness

Sleep apnea is a condition that needs to be treated after prior consultation with a doctor. It can be a hindrance to your day-to-day activity, Individuals who are down with sleep apnea conditions can buy Ambien online.