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I've heard it said ... time cures all things. Yet there are some people who seem into your veins, burning through each layer like a second skin. And nothing, ... not even time can cure an eternal longing.

She wears it so beautifully doesn’t she, her pain… Always smiling, always positive…. always happy to help… It’s like a garment perfectly tailored to fit the way she carries it… with a touch of grace… and the quietness of that sad smile…. All so you’d never know how heavy it really was. - Ranata Suzuki missing, you, I miss him, lost, tumblr, love, relationship, beautiful, words, quotes, story, love, quote, relationship, beautiful, pain Follow for original content

"I want to fall asleep with you, and I could care less whether it is in layers upon layers of clothing or only our skin-- all I really want is to wake up not knowing where I end and you begin." Beau Taplin, "A Goodnight" love quotes

Collection: Concealed Layers of Product Life by Renee Verhoeven. The autonomy of the skin translated into material.