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Výsledek obrázku pro fairy tail lucy and gray

Výsledek obrázku pro fairy tail lucy and gray

Love Nalu, but Graylu is definitely second

Graylu fan too with Nalu and i so can't decide which one is better.

Fairy Tail - Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Levy, Lucy and Juvia

Fairy Tail - Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Levy, Lucy and Juvia Power Puff Girls and the Rowdy Ruff Boys


Here's the whole thing I pinned the one of gray and nastu blushing haha XD

Must be read right to left. * Doit être lu de droite à gauche. * Debe ser leído de la derecha a la izquierda. Here is the english version :] I don't know if I should translate it in ...

It doesn't matter if they aren't canon because deep in our heart they are. [english] Yes I read chapter Yes there is a HUGE probability Gru.via will be end game. It's okay.

You know an anime is good if you get pissed off along with the characters, when this happened I was angry. Fairy Tail is one anime that I feel like the characters have become my family  so when they are hurt I am so sad. Fairy tail is one anime you can't go without watching if you feel the same repin this! Fairy Tail for life

This was one of the most painful things to watch in this anime.but I love Erza, Gray, and especially Natsu's pissed off faces. Just shows how close much Fairy Tail cares for their family

Not Gray,not Lucy part 1 ENG by Milady666.deviantart.com on @deviantART

You know what I still ship trivia but this is awesome cause it's Edo lucy

Fairy Tail 462.5 Christmas omake - [GrayxLucy] by Kiko-x3 on DeviantArt

Something that I've been working in my holiday. Damn, I missed Gray and Lyon are fighting over Juvia. well, at least in my fangirl imagination. If Mashima Hiro-san doesn't do any progress for Gru.