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What About Socialization

Are you hesitant to homeschool because you’re worried about socialization? More often than not, when I tell someone that my family homeschools their first ...

Socialization in the Homeschool

One of the most often asked questions about homeschooling is "What about socialization?"It's easy to be annoyed about this question, and perhaps not respond


Many people ask about socialization when they learn we homeschool our children. Come read more about why it's not something that I want for my children and how they are learning important social skills

If you're a homeschool or virtual school parent, you've definitely heard this knee-jerk reaction, "What about the socialization?!"

Structuring Your Homeschool Day

Figuring out a homeschool schedule can be a challenge.  Should you focus on reading and math?  What about the other subjects?  Are you doing ...