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WUKONG is the Divine of Warframes. Hailing as a god from an ancient time, he causes mischief and destruction with his omnipotent abilities.

7.jpg (874×1380)@神秘侠的复生采集到机械设计(1445图)_花瓣插画

tumblr_o9zjxjGAch1sxm4gzo6_500.jpg (382×750)

SB_008, shinku kim on ArtStation at

from Kotaku

Here's A Ton Of Concept Art From Halo 5

Halo 5: Guardians- Spartans The plot of Halo 5, the latest in the popular Halo franchise under the wing of Microsoft, follows two teams of human supersoldiers, called Spartans, as they both are sent...

Sci fi stuff. , Anthony Jones on ArtStation at

ArtStation - Cyber Ninja Sketch, Ben Ramos

Bounty Hunter, Lukasz Poduch on ArtStation at

ArtStation - mech armor, Johnathan Reyes

Combat Suit, Snehal S Gopal on ArtStation at