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“Honoring USNavy SEAL SWO3 Jason Kortz, died 3/15/2017 in California. Honor him so he is not forgotten.”

The comedian frequently praised Trump during the 2016 race and has continued to defend his presidency on social media.

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Benghazi - please honor our brave American dead.since Obama just considers them "bumps in the road" Vote Republican.to save America❤

Update: The Designer Of Melania Trump's Inauguration Gown Speaks Out+#refinery29

Update: The Designer Of Melania Trump's Inauguration Gown Speaks Out


“ Honor ALL who serve & have served. You have FREEDOM because of them.

“McCarty is incredible. He capitulated to PC and signed agreement tying cops hands and let DOJ run the Chicago PD. https://t.co/RMpg1hkFBU”

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Sheriff David A. Clarke: "This self-serving Green Party loser is diverting away limited state money that could go to lead water fix in Flint.

Orange Is The New Barack. If impeached, as should be, we face Biden, possibly a worse nightmare, and would pardon Obama anyway so the American dream of Obama and an orange jumpsuit would slip through our fingers.

Its ok since Joys album is now inreased 18 MILLION PERCENT in Amazon sales. touche libtards

While both dresses are ugly once again it screams the double standards in politics today.

Facts...they are a scary thing to liberals!

Holy smokes what a failure. How's that gun control working for you, Obama? Wake up America! Bill Clinton to Hillary Clinton mass shootings combined, if Hillary takes office for America is massive shootings.

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