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Natural Traits - Ernest Gonzalez

Natural Traits, Friends of Friends Music /// Cam Floyd Illustration

Taj Francis

Taj Francis — worx - Check out some artworks from the portfolio of the very, talented illustrator from Jamaica, Taj Francis.


Karl James Mountford on

"Coraline" by Neil Gaiman, illustration by Karl James Mountford - I enjoy this type of illustration, however, it seems that everyone nowadays is doing this stylistic kind of drawing and I honestly think that it can be way too flat a lot of the time.

Awesome illustration by Claire Hummel.

My finished piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s upcoming Station Zero show! Proving that LGAL has the best themes for art shows ever, honestly. Station Zero - Postmarked the Stars


god save the queen

color - JessQuinnSmallArt

"Jake The Tortoise" Hand Sewn Brooch, Felt Badge, Tortoise Pin by Jess Quinn.

Chelsea Brown- fantastic artist whose subject matter centres around supernatural warrior women and other natural elements.

Strong, supernatural warriors drawn by Chelsea Brown