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False Magic by James Christensen. Limited edition bronze, based on a painting

Batman Robin....really corny show, you can see when they are 'climbing', they are walking horizontal and just bend over and clear fishing line holds their capes out. But in the 60's it was pretty cool! "Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, Same bat time...Same bat channel."

Cool craft for kids using just a few basic materials. It doubles as a toy.......brilliant and clever idea. My little boy will think this is great!

My mother used to have these at our childhood cottage -so evocative to me of the simple days

from Sunglass Warehouse Blog

50 Summer Camping Essentials

It's camping season, so be sure you bring all the right things by following our list of camping essentials, from sleeping bags to first aid kits and more.


Photographic Evidence That Animals Are Actually Evil Little Geniuses

Animals can sometimes be arseholes -

Whether you're into camping & the outdoors, or just want to add a new idea to your survival kit, here's a pretty nifty idea for an outdoor fire. It's a self feeding fire that will burn for 14 or more hours (depending on how many logs are used), so you wont have to worry about cont

The head tilt, not just for pugs anymore. Beautiful picture of my friend's German Sheppard.