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ksc And what of you Doctors? Do you claim immortality too? :) ♥♥

“Do you claim immortality too?” The Five Doctors - season 20 - 1983

The Master's Favourite Things by AqueousSerenade on deviantART. This is hilarious.

The Master's Favorite Things. So the doctor who fandom is slowly joining the Sherlock fandom. No biggy

I'm pretty sure I would strongly dislike this. And there doesn't have to be a "the first female to" for everything. Seriously. And One Direction? Really? HOW DARE SHE! HOW. DARE. SHE. Seriously! ONE DIRECTION!?!?!

I am most definitely not opposed to a female Doctor but seriously.you want your companion to be from One Direction?<<<I'd love a female doctor, but SERIOUSLY? A one direction companion? NO WAY am I going to let ruin the best show ever created!


His face. I was there when a kid asked that. Matt said no. Everybody was laughing. <--- I would die if I ever saw him in person!

Better a broken heart, than not heart at all...

Better a broken heart, than not heart at all.

Neither of them have eyebrows

One and Eleven are polar opposites - It's incredible how Matt portrays the old soul so well! (Why does this make me so sad?