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Neat idea - dipped spoons in paint!

great idea for house colors. dip a spoon in the paint can when you paing a room then bring the spoon to the store to fine matching things Fired earth paint colours

Vintage David Andersen Sterling Enamel Spoons Gorgeous enamel spoons, love those colours!

Spoons, he also designed wonderful jewelry in enamel and sterling. I have a nice collection of his work, never knew he did spoons.

Bread spoons by Niels Datema. Perfectly measure flour, water, yeast, sugar, and oil every time for fresh home-baked bread.

Bread spoons by Niels Datema

Bread Spoons by Neils Datema; designed "specifically for measuring bread ingredients, each sized to hold the ideal amount of water, flour, oil, sugar and yeast needed for a loaf".

Two Brunettes Blog features Handmade Wooden Spoons by Fine Little Day

round about: spoonin'

Spoon puppets - much better use of the wooden spoon than when I was a kid! *Disclaimer, I never actually got the wooden spoon, just the threat of it :)

.beachy finds - oh my yes!

love this collection of driftwood, could be a cool shadowbox over the mantle. Does your family have a collection of found things from the beach?

The Multi-talented Spoon | Justina Blakeney Est. 1979

The Multi-talented Spoon

The Multi-talented Spoon (from the Multi-Talented Objects series).use spoon hooks to hang up coffee cups

I have a special love for spoons because of a hanging vintage spoon wall piece that hangs in my Grandma's dining room.

squaremeal: (via sanguinary culinary. /...

This wall of spoons gives you an idea of the depth and scope of wooden spoon collecting. (actually collection of Jurgen Lehl a German artist)

A simple but effective way to display a collection of silver / silver-plated spoons. Find a vintage frame, back it hessian fabric, use transparent plastic thread (can buy this is sewing stores/departments) and a large needle to tie the spoons to the fabric. Et Voila!  (Let the natural patina develop or use a deeper frame with glass cover to keep the shine for longer. And keep away from direct sunlight). Repinned by www.silver-and-grey.com

Spoons attached to burlap in a frame--genius! This would be cute with baby spoons.

Long Service  by Susan Hall Thompson  art online Wooden Spoons.

This would be a really cool idea for a kitchen decoration. Could paint the spoons or leave wooden? kitchen diy idea Need a spoon? Spoon theory anyone ?

Josh Vogel‘s hand-carved wooden utensils

Wood-Smoked Turkey (Josh Vogel)